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Shahid Kapoor wins the internet with his reply to not receiving any awards for ‘Kabir Singh’

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Shahid Kapoor‘s ‘Kabir Singh’ faced a lot of criticism for glorifying toxic masculinity and misogyny. It had left the audience divided when it comes to the film’s portrayal of its problematic lead character. While most applauded Shahid for his performance in ‘Kabir Singh’, he was never officially awarded for it. Recently, Shahid was asked about the same but looks like he couldn’t care less about it.

Twitter users asked Shahid if he feels disappointed that he was not been awarded for his performance in ‘Kabir Singh’, a Twitter user wrote, “Do you feel disappointed that your Kabir Singh performance wasn’t appreciated by the awards ceremonies because of the controversy surrounding it? (sic).”

To this Shahid won the hearts of his fans by saying, “On the contrary. I can’t be thankful enough for the love you all have it. I am because of you all. 🙌 (sic).”

Meanwhile, talking about the criticism of ‘Kabir Singh’, Shahid had earlier spoken at the India Today Conclave, “It’s an adult film, for adults, who can distinguish between right and wrong. Are you telling me that Mr Bachchan is someone who taught people to be a thief? You know you’re going to watch a movie right, it’s fiction right? I’ve seen situations like this in life. When a couple fights, if a third person views it, they’ll have a different idea. Fundamentally, they’re in love. I’ve seen independent women date simple boys, and vice versa. That’s how life is, it’s unpredictable. Why is there a problem? You choose to take away what you want from the film. That’s what democracy is all about,” reasoned out the actor.

Apart from Shahid, ‘Kabir Singh’ also starred Kiara Advani. Despite the wide criticism, the movie did exceptionally well at the box office.

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