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Vidya Balan on ‘Kabir Singh’: The film is not necessarily glorifying the lead character

Image Source - YouTube, Instagram

Shahid Kapoor‘s ‘Kabir Singh’ faced a lot of criticism for glorifying toxic masculinity and misogyny. Not only the audience and critics but also many Bollywood celebs bashed the movie for glorifying the lead character Kabir Singh. But, Vidya Balan is defending the film saying that it doesn’t glorify the protagonist’s (Shahid Kapoor) abusive behaviour.

As reported by IANS, while interacting with students at her alma mater, St. Xavier’s College, during a conversation titled ‘Arts Meets Academia’, Vidya said, “Sometimes I watch films even if they are not keeping it to my beliefs. Over the years, I have matured as a person. Previously it used to be all black or white for me but today, I understand. I will give you an example of the film ‘Kabir Singh’. There was a huge uproar when ‘Kabir Singh’ released and people questioned how could the film glorify a character as Kabir Singh, who is absolutely disrespectful and violent towards women.”

She feels that the film is not glorifying the character but it was telling the story of a Kabir Singh and there are enough Kabir Singhs in the world, especially in India. Vidya further said, “I can make choice not to be a Kabir Singh. As a person, that choice would be mine. But will I go to the theatre and watch ‘Kabir Singh’? Of course, I will. So, I think I have kind of matured.”

Though many people criticised the movie, it minted more than Rs 200 crore at the box office.

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