Shah Rukh Khan turns ‘Love Guru’ this Valentine

Valentine Day is just round the corner. Its celebration time for the romantically inclined couples. The King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan is  doling out advice to lovers. Badshah Khan who has played the romantic lead in a number of movies is quite an expert in it. Its no secret that Shah Rukh Khan has had a love marriage with Gauri Khan whom he had to woo for along time. He also has a huge fan following all over the world in which majority are girls, who find King  Khan irresistible.




As per sources, Shah Rukh Khan has tweeted about finding love. The ‘Chennai Express‘ star wrote, “There is no rite person for you, only different flavors of wrong. So you have to find the person who is wrong for you in just the rite way”. Khan had previously admitted that his father has always been his favorite romantic hero.

Well so all you lovers do heed the advice of Love Guru Shahrukh Khan to woo your girl this Valentine.