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Actor Jyotika came back to action after a hiatus with two Bollywood movies Shaitaan and Srikanth. Both the movies were well received by the audience and they have fared well at the box office. However, she feels a bit upset about how Bollywood movies portray South Indian actors. While she admitted that some things were OTT in South, she also feels Bollywood stereotypes it and they have overdone it.

Jyotika on Bollywood portraying South Indian

The Shaitaan actor told HT, “I agree some things are done over-the-top there, we love the Idli-Sambar, and we love action films, but sometimes how it is depicted here is definitely overdone. We’ve had actors in Hindi also, like Rajkumar, who have had their own style of overdoing things. But Rajini sir has been taken to another level. It might be done in good spirits but frankly, they do get it wrong most of the time.”

When asked about the North and South divide, she said, “There is no North-South divide anymore and the audience is looking at everything as one. But in Bollywood, I am still waiting for the kind of roles I am used to doing down South. I chose to be a part of Shaitaan and Srikanth because they are beautiful stories, but I am looking for more as an actor in terms of the length of my role in a film.

The actor feels the comeback to the movies was a great surprise for her as everything happened organically. “For 25 years, there was no sound, and suddenly these two films made such noise,” she said.

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