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Sharmila Tagore is an icon thanks to the different characters she portrayed on the silver screen. Besides her professional life, the 79-year-old actress has also been looked up to for having a beautiful family. In a recent chat, the actress – who was married to late cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan, got candid about spending quality time with her kids son Saif Ali Khan and daughters Saba Pataudi and Soha Ali Khan during their childhood. 

For those who don’t know, the ‘Omkara’ actor is the eldest of her children. Saif was born on August 16, 1970, followed by Saba on May 1, 1976, and Soha on October 4, 1978.

Sharmila Tagore on being an ‘absent’ mother to Saif Ali Khan

Talking about being absent for several years during Saif Ali Khan’s childhood, Sharmila Tagore said at a YFLO event, “When I had Saif, I was very busy. I was working two shifts a day and for the first six years of his life, I was really absent.” She continued, “I did whatever I had to do/I went for the parent-teacher meeting, attended his plays but I don’t think I was a full-time mom. My husband was there, but I wasn’t. Then when I became a mother, I became an overzealous mother. I wanted to feed him, bathe him and everything. That was the other side of the pendulum. I made a few mistakes, honestly.”

Sharmila on being there for daughters Soha and Saba

During the same conversation, Sharmila Tagore stated she was glad Saif Ali Khan grew up well. Crediting her husband, her extended family and friends for helping her during that time, she recalled, “One of his school teachers would live across the apartment in Mumbai. She and her husband really looked after Saif as well… For the girls I was there.”

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