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Sharmin Segal’s portrayal of Alamzeb in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heermandi: The Diamond Bazaar sparked heated discussions online, with some critics harshly trolling her for ‘wooden expressions’ and a ‘poor’ performance. Additionally, others labeled her as ‘rude’ in interviews and branded her a ‘nepo kid’ due to her being Bhansali’s niece. The constant criticism led Sharmin to disable comments on her Instagram. Recently, the Malaal actor addressed the trolling and its impact on her mental health.

Sharmin Segal reacts to trolls

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Sharmin Segal opened up about handling negative comments on her performance. The actress acknowledged that as an actor, dealing with different audiences is part of the job. She said,“I’ve been working on my mental health for a very long time in my life now. It is just not throughout my acting life. It is something when you start understanding yourself better, it becomes a lot easier to realise that you live in a very vast world where people with a lot of opinions,”

She emphasised focusing on the positives, saying, “I’ve chosen this profession to cater to an audience, so I was prepared for reactions and responses and there has been so much love also. Sometimes looking at the negativity, we tend to completely omit the positivity.” Despite the negative comments, Sharmin has managed the situation with grace, resilience, and by focusing on the positive. “Maybe the first few days it (the negativity) did. I just felt a little uneasy, but after that, it’s always a constant dialogue with yourself. You have thoughts, and then you think about those thoughts, judge, and that is what shapes morality and ethics,” she added.

Sharmin Segal in Heeramandi

Sharmin asserted that amid the criticism, she has also received love from some audience members. “I don’t think it later affected me as much, because you’ve to sift through it, because there are people who are saying positive things also. And I can’t negate that only because those people have taken their time out to write good things about me. And, I can’t suddenly fixate on somebody that has taken their time out to write negative things about me,” she said.

Sharmin says she respects people’s opinion

She stressed that despite the trolling, she respects audiences’ opinions. “If it’s constructive, then yes I am very open to listening to it. But if it’s not, then you’ve to focus on the amount of love. My DMs are filled with a lot of love. Negativity tends to be spoken about a lot more in public because people want to talk about negative things, but there is a lot of positivity also like I need to embrace that as well,” said Sharmin.

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