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Shocker – No Mary Kom for Manipur?

Bollywood is paying a tribute to Olympic boxer Mary Kom with her biopic. The Bhansali movie has Priyanka Chopra playing the stellar role of the boxer Mary Kom in it. The whole of India will watch Mary Kom on September 5. Except for one tiny corner of the country – Manipur, the five-time women’s world boxing champion’s home state. .

As per sources, The Biopic Mary Kom will not be released in Manipur as Hindi films have been banned there since past 15 years, by separatist organisations who felt the movies undermined Manipur’s culture. There is also resentment that Priyanka Chopra is playing the Olympic bronze medalist instead of a local actress. Mary Kom herself hopes these objections will die out before the film release.

Mary Kom said. “We are trying very hard for this to happen, but the movies association and underground groups should allow it. It looks difficult but we will speak to the government about the same.”

Mary Kom and her husband, K Onler, are sad that her biopic is unlikely to hit theatres in Manipur.

We do hope that Mary Kom does get released in Manipur too.


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