Sonu Sood
Image Source - Instagram

Sonu Sood has proved to be the messiah for the nation as he was one of the biggest helping hands for the migrants during this lockdown. But, while he has bought happiness to a lot of families, Sonu has also been a winner at his social media game with his hilarious replies to netizens.


Sonu was recently asked by a netizen if it can be arranged for him to go to Maldives. He wrote, “Sir.. muje Maldieves jana hai.. Pocha ke do naa.. ????”

To which Sonu had a hilarious reply, “साइकल पे जाओगे यां रिक्षा पे भाई ?”

While Sonu’s reply was enough to make us burst into laughter, other users also jumped in to give their suggestions. One wrote, “भाई ये तो गधे पे बैठ कर जाएगा?”, another wrote, “Aaja Bhai tu mere pass aaa .mere pass aladin ki chataayi hai tujhe Maldives kya mangal tak pahucha deta ?”

Recently, Sonu was accused of his ‘acts of kindness’ being a PR stunt. Someone wrote, “Looks like Sonu Sood literally got some super powers, the user doesn’t tag him or mentions the city he is from but Sonu Baba gets to know everything?,,,lol heights of PR stunt?‍♀️#Sonu”

Some trolls just can’t look past the goodness in someone.

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