Sonu Sood I Am No Messiah
Image Source - Instagram

Sonu Sood, who has tirelessly and selflessly worked towards helping the needy during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has inspired and won the hearts of many. His noble gestures towards stranded migrant workers and helping them reach their home towns safely has earned him the moniker of ‘The Messiah of Migrants’.

A while ago, Penguin Random House India announced that Sonu will be penning an autobiography that will chronicle his experiences during the pandemic. And now, we have learnt that the book will be titled ‘I Am No Messiah’. The book will be co-written by Meena Iyer.


Talking about it, Sonu says, “People have been very kind and have lovingly named me Messiah. But I really do believe that I am no Messiah. I simply do what my heart tells me to. It is our responsibility as human beings to be compassionate and help each other.”

Written in the first person, the book will reveal the emotional and often challenging journeys he undertook along with the people he rescued. He will narrate the many stories he heard and the interactions he had, and will also share how this experience not only changed his outlook but also his life’s purpose.

Readers can pre-order for your copies on Amazon and Flipkart, exclusively. ‘I Am No Messiah’ will be released in December under Ebury Press imprint.

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