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Suniel Shetty has been showering his love publicly on daughter Athiya Shetty and son-in-law KL Rahul ever since their wedding in January this year. The actor is a doting father to both of them. After the wedding, he had officially invited Rahul to the family with some sweet words. Now, he has issued a new warning for him, and it’s just too adorable.

Suniel Shetty warns son-in-law KL Rahul

When speaking about Rahul, Suniel is just all praise for his new son. And even when asked if there is something he would warn him against, his warning was also very sweet. Revealing the warning for Rahul, Suniel told Mid-Day, “Don’t be such a beautiful human being that we seem inferior when it comes to you. Don’t be such a good boy that everyone believes that this is what goodness is all about and not you. That’s the kind of a child he is.”

The actor added how he always tells his daughter how lucky she is to have found him. He shared, “I always tell Athiya, you are blessed, not necessarily the other way around. Of course, Athiya is a beautiful child but… my wife, my mother, my sisters-in-law, my sister… all are obsessed with Rahul.”

Suniel’s advice to Athiya post marriage

Suniel was also asked what advice he would like to give Athiya, now that she is married. He had some beautiful words to share on that. He said, “Be someone who believes in your partner blindly. Trust him completely. He is an athlete, he will travel, you will not be able to travel with him all the time. Just like actors, athletes see highs and lows. When they’re scoring, they are at the end of the world.”

Athiya and Rahul got married in a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony at Suniel’s Khandala farmhouse in January. It was a traditional wedding. The couple had been together for a while before that and Suniel has always spoken highly of his son-in-law. His words for him just show how much he adores him and it depicts their sweet relationship.

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