Sushant Singh Rajput was offered a film on Ajmal Kasab and 26/11 a day before his death?

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Sushant Singh Rajput was in talks for a movie on Pakistani terrorist involved in the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks, Ajmal Kasab, ISI and Mumbai Police. As per a report in India Today, Uday Singh Gauri from CornerStone LLP, a talent management agency has revealed this in his statement to Mumbai Police, CBI and the Enforcement Directorate. He told about a discussion regarding a film being planned on “Police, ISI and Kasab” with Sushant. As per Gauri’s statement, the discussion had happened on June 13 (Sushant committed suicide on June 14).

Uday Singh told the agencies that on June 13 he had called Sushant on his mobile phone and then connected with film director Nikhil Advani and producer Ramesh Taurani through a conference call. As per sources from the agencies, Sushant spoke to them for around seven minutes. Sushant’s call detail records show that Gauri had called Sushant five to six times on June 13.

Gauri also said in his statement that Sushant was about to discuss the details of the film on June 15 again through a call as there was lockdown. Nikhil Advani narrated the film plan to Sushant and was to discuss further on it on June 15.

Earlier, there were news that Ramesh and Nikkhil discussed a movie with Sushant and Taurani was even planning to sign Sushant. When the news started surfacing that Ramesh was on a call with Sushant prior to the death of the actor, the filmmaker was getting ‘numerous calls’. Talking about what happened on June 13, Taurani wrote on Instagram, “A journalist from a news channel called me asking about a call on 13th June at about 2.15 pm that I had with Sushant. I confirmed the same but did not want to comment on anything else. He recorded the call without informing me and therefore, it is essential that I talk about what happened. After exchanging pleasantries, Nikhil Advani and I had narrated a story idea to Sushant. And yes we were on a conference call with him and his manager Uday.”

He added, “This journalist also asked me how he sounded on the phone and I’m not aware as to how you can deduce anything about a person’s feeling over a professional phone call. Our call was brief, for approximately 15 minutes, and he liked the idea and we were in preliminary talks. That’s about it.”

Talking about Sushant’s death, the forensic team from AIIMS submitted a report stating that it was a case of suicide and there was no foul play.

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