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Sushmita Sen went through a huge health scare when she suffered a heart attack earlier this year. It was in the midst of her shoot for Aarya 3 that it happened. The actress updated about it to her fans once she returned from the hospital. The news left everyone quite worried, but now she is doing absolutely fine and is even back to work.

Sushmita Sen health update post heart attack

It was on March 2 that Sushmita had taken to Instagram, giving her fans a worrying news. She had written, “I suffered a heart attack a couple of days back…Angioplasty done…stent in place…and most importantly, my cardiologist reconfirmed ‘I do have a big heart’.” Soon after she was discharged, she had an Instagram live to connect with her fans.

On the live, Sushmita Sen informed that she had a massive heart attack and suffered a 95 per cent blockage in her main artery. Recently, she returned to Jaipur to resume the shoot for Aarya 3. She even had another live session to connect with her fans.

Rajeev Sen updates on Sushmita’s health

Now, Rajeev has updated on her sister’s health. Speaking to ETimes, he said, “She’s absolutely fine now with the blessings of God. What happened was quite unfortunate, health is something which is quite unpredictable, things can happen. But touchwood she’s doing much better, she’s back to work. She is mentally very strong and physically as well. You need to be because it is not easy to manage two kids and be an actor at the same time. I did a short film for about 4 days and I had to go through so much and do hard work. And here I see my sister shooting for months non-stop. It takes a lot of toll and it is not easy.”

On April 15, Sushmita resumed the shoot for Aarya 3 in Jaipur. On her live after landing in the pink city, the actress shared,“Guess where I have just landed? It feels wonderful to be back. Aarya Sareen is back. I cannot wait to bring Aarya 3 to you, the sooner the better. It’s good to see Sushmita all hearty and healthy. Meanwhile, apart from Aarya 3, she also has Taali in her kitty where she plays the role of transgender activist Gauri Sawant.

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