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Sonakshi Sinha is currently in the limelight ever since news of her wedding with Zaheer Iqbal surfaced. Amid the happy occasion, the actress has been receiving backlash for the inter-faith wedding and reports are rife that her family members are also upset. Actress Swara Bhasker has been enjoying with BFF Sonakshi Sinha ahead of her marriage with Zaheer Iqbal. Recently, she talked about her marriage and being trolled for marrying a Muslim man.

Swara Bhasker on negativity around inter-caste marriages

Swara had tied the knot with politician Fahad Ahmed and they are proud parents to a baby girl. When the actress announced her marriage, she also faced scrutiny for tying the knot with a Muslim guy. Reacting to the patriarchy that exists, she says, “One of the biggest myths of modern India is ‘love jihad’, where a Hindu girl marries a Muslim man. This applies to me as well. An interfaith couple can actually get beaten up in certain cities on Valentine’s Day.”

Swara Bhasker on Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal wedding

Asked about Sonakshi and Zaheer’s relationship in particular, she said, “Lots of experts offered their opinions during my wedding as well. But we’re talking about two consenting adults here. What they do in their private lives, whether they get married or not, it’s up to them. It’s nobody’s business if they’re living together, getting married in a court, or having a nikaah, or an Arya Samaj wedding.” She further says, “It’s between the man and the woman, and their families. It is Sonakshi’s life; she’s chosen her partner. Her partner has chosen her. Now it’s between them and their families. I find this a very time-waste debate.”

She added that the criticism is going to intensify if and when Sonakshi has a child. “Wait and watch, when they have a child, there will be a separate debate around the child’s name. We’ve seen it happen with Kareena and Saif’s kids, and with my kid. It’s completely idiotic, but this isn’t going to end anytime soon,” she said.

Talking about Sonakshi and Zaheer, the lovebirds have been dating for seven years. Now, they are all set to get married on June 23 in Mumbai. Post their court marriage, the two will reportedly organise a party for their close friends and family members.

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