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Taapsee Pannu recently revealed an intriguing detail about her entry into Bollywood during her appearance on cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s talk show, Dhawan Karenge. The show, which features captivating episodes, has been generating massive interest. It explores fascinating life stories, candid conversations, thrilling games, and juicy revelations with favourites from Bollywood, cricket, and content creation. Packed with entertainment and exclusive insights, Dhawan Karenge promises excitement with each episode.

Taapsee Pannu on people facing failures

While speaking about facing failures in life, Taapsee shares, “I feel people here take themselves too seriously. They keep thinking ‘What will happen if I fail?’ First of all, you aren’t from a royal family. It’s not like your kingdom would collapse if you fail. We are just a small speck of dust in the universe but ask too much from ourselves. This is the reason why I don’t take myself seriously but I do take my work seriously. People say no one will take you seriously if you don’t take yourself seriously, I disagree. People see me for my work that I am very serious about.”

To witness the entertaining interaction between Taapsee and Shikhar, tune in to ‘Dhawan Karenge’ on 17th June, exclusively on JioCinema Premium.

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