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Taapsee Pannu gets into an ugly spat with a Twitter user

Image Source - Instagram

Taapsee Pannu is one of those actresses in Bollywood who is very upfront and opinionated. She has never shied away or stepped back from voicing her opinion on any social issue. Every now and then, she gets trolled and she hardly pays any heed to it. The actress got into an ugly spat with a Twitter user who compared her with Rishi Kapoor.

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A Twitter user named Sampurna Arijit sent a tweet to Taapsee in a sarcastic way saying, “you need a crash course on being a celeb.. every other day u act like Rishi Kapoor, picking twitter fights and flashing slangs at trolls.”

Taapsee is not someone who spares these kinds of trolls. She replied back to the woman saying, “When are u starting the enrolments ??? Btw just to help your ignorance Rishi Kapoor is a bonafide star in every possible way! I will be happy if I can reach even half of what he is.”

The woman didn’t stop and she hit back with her replies.

Check the thread of Taapsee and the user.

Later on, the user apologised to Taapsee admiring her work. Check the tweet.

That were such befitting replies from the ‘Pink’ actress that can shut down anyone. Isn’t it? To all the users, before you try trolling Taapsee, you should be ready for curt replies.

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