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Uday Chopra wants marijuana to be legalized in India; gets warned by Mumbai police

Uday Chopra has hit headlines once again, and this time it’s for a tweet where he is advocating the legalization of marijuana. The ‘Mohabbatein’ actor added that he doesn’t smoke it himself, but felt that legalization will be a wise move as it will bring in tax revenue and also help combat crimes associated with the drug.

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Here is the tweet:

The tweet was met with some criticism, and while some chose to make fun of Uday, some chose to argue. Let’s take a look at some of the tweets.

The tweet invited a reply from Mumbai Police too. They wrote, “Sir,as citizen of India,you are privileged to express your view on a public platform. Be mindful,as of now, consumption, possession and transportation of marijuana, invites harsh punishment as per provisions of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,1985. Spread the Word.”

This is not the first time Uday Chopra has stirred a hornet’s nest by his tweets. He has done it several times in the past, and we think he’ll not stop anytime soon.

Uday Chopra started his career with ‘Mohabbatein’ but wasn’t able to earn many fans with his acting chops.

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