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Recently, Netflix premiered the docu-series The Romantics. For the first time, Aditya Chopra, who is a successful filmmaker, addressed the subject of nepotism. While talking about it, Aditya Chopra gave an example of his brother Uday Chopra. Aditya Chopra got candid about his brother Uday Chopra’s unsuccessful acting acting.

Aditya on Uday’s unsuccessful acting career

Uday, who made his Hindi film debut with Mohabbatein, failed to make his mark as an actor in Bollywood. Uday did a few films but failed to make it big as an actor in the industry. In Netflix’s documentary The Romantics, Aditya spoke about Uday’s unsuccessful career when talking about nepotism. The filmmaker said, “One of the things that people tend to ignore, is that every person who comes from a privileged background – everyone is not successful.”

Aditya added, “I can articulate it without mentioning other people. I can just articulate it mentioning my own family. My brother is an actor, and he’s not a very successful actor. Here is the son of one of the biggest filmmakers. He’s the brother of a very big filmmaker. Imagine a company like YRF who has launched so many newcomers, we could not make him a star. Why could we not do it for our own? The bottom line is, only an audience will decide ‘I like this person, I want to see this person’. No one else.”

After making his debut with Mohabbatein, Udya went on to do many films under his father’s production house. However, he failed to taste success as an actor in Bollywood. Over the years, Uday has produced and directed many films.

Uday too made an appearance in Netflix’s The Romantics. While talking about his career, Uday said, “When I started acting, I was very naïve. I thought everyone would like me. I didn’t imagine that people might not like me.” He also reflected on the time when he wasn’t considered a ‘successful actor’ and admitted that it affect him a lot.

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