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Renowned Producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s much-hyped The Kerala Story sparked controversies when its teaser created an international storm in its explosive content on taking on the Islamic State (ISIS) with a story of non-Islamic women of Kerala who were converted and trafficked to ISIS and other Islamic war zones in 2018-2019 will be releasing in theatres worldwide on 5th May. The makers announced the release date with a poster that shows a Burqa-clad woman along with a statement ‘ Uncovering the Truth that was kept hidden’.

The Adah Sharma Starrer ‘The Kerala Story’ is based on a human tragedy as it unearths the events behind approximately 32,000 women going missing in the Indian southern state of Kerala who are converted, radicalised and deployed in terror missions in India and the world. Directed by Award Winning Filmmaker Sudipto Sen, the film is a heartbreaking tale of women who are victims of this conspiracy that isn’t just limited to Kerala or India, the director had earlier stated that it was his patriotic duty to expose the manner in which thousands of girls were converted and trafficked abroad.

A few months back, the makers released an explosive teaser featuring the lead actress Adah Sharma in her character of a converted Muslim woman Fatima Ba. In a piece-to-camera set-up, the character narrated her ordeal of how she once wanted to serve humanity by becoming a nurse but was abducted from her home and manipulated by Islamists and Religious Zealots and turned into an ISIS terrorist, who when caught landed in jail in Afghanistan.

The teaser took the nation by storm with strong reactions coming for both support and boycott. A majority of the audience called the film ‘Brave’ ‘Unapologetic’ ‘Unbiased’ and applauded the makers to have attempted to tell a story that very few will dare to tell, on the other hand, there were calls to boycott the film from certain organizations. The Makers stood behind the film and clarified that the film is based on multiple true stories backed by years of research which should reach the audience. With the trailer slated to release in a few days, all eyes would be on The Kerala Story and the truth that it will uncover.

The Kerala Story is bankrolled by Sunshine Pictures Private Limited, founded by Vipul Amrutlal Shah who is the producer, creative director and co-writer of the film slated to release on 5th May 2023 in cinemas in Hindi.

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