Vivek Oberoi – Courageous decision to play villian in Krrish 3

Actor Vivek Oberoi is a pleased man due to the super success of Krrish 3.  He feels that his career has got a new lease, all thanks to the role of ‘Super Villian Kaal’ that he has depicted in the movie.

As per sources, Vivek feels that, “When you have the image of a hero, a lead man in the movies, I think it becomes a brave and fearless decision to take on a super villain role. It took a lot of courage from my side. I always wanted to be a fearless actor. While doing ‘Company’, people said you should be doing something different like a love story or a launch pad film.”

He further added, “But, it was a brave choice to do that film because I had to turn myself as a dark character. People appreciated that. Every time I have made these fearless choices in my life, I think I have done well.”

Vivek, who found the role challenging, is very happy about the success of the movie.