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Zaira Wasim returns to social media a day after quitting it over controversial tweet on locust attack

Image Source - Instagram

Recently, Zaira Wasim tweeted a quote from the Quran while talking about the locust attacks. She wrote, “So We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood: Signs openly self explained: but they were steeped in arrogance — a people given to sin. –Qur’an 7:133,” for which she faced a backlash from netizens. Many felt that she was saying through her tweet that the attack is God’s way of expressing anger. After facing flak on social media, Zaira deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Later, Zaira reactivated her social media accounts and also cited the reason why she deleted them. Her comeback tweet read, “Because I’m just a human, like everyone else, who’s allowed to take a break from everything whenever the noise inside my head or around me reaches it’s peak :)” (sic)

Check her tweet here.

After she deleted her Twitter and Instagram handles, fans of the actress come out in support of her and started trending hashtags #StandWithZaira and #StandWithZairaWasim on Twitter.

Zaira appeared in movies like ‘Dangal’, ‘Secret Superstar’ and ‘The Sky Is Pink’. She quit the industry that took everyone by surprise. She said she was not happy with the line of work as it interfered with her faith and religion.

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