Zareen Khan questions Sushant Singh Rajput’s death: Why does a person have to die for everyone to understand his worth?

Image Source - Instagram

Zareen Khan seemed to be in a thoughtful and pensive mood recently, where she was reflecting on everything going on around her. In a recent post on social media, she shared her deepest thoughts, all of them being questions beginning with the word why, as she sought to understand the reason behind why things were the way they were.

The unfortunate and untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput left not just the Entertainment industry, but everyone in the nation quite shaken. Zareen reflected on several matters, on the young actor’s death and the repercussions of it, which were felt in the whole entertainment industry.

Zareen Khan recently spoke to Bollywood Bubble about the time she has been spending in quarantine amidst the lockdown. Have a look at her candid chat right here:

Talking of the million questions in her head here’s having a look at her outburst on social media right here:

Zareen asked numerous questions, from why it takes a person’s death to appreciate their worth, and why people couldn’t appreciate them when they were alive, to why people comment and have opinions on other people’s lives when this shouldn’t concern them at all. She questioned why people with high IQs tend to be identified as mentally ill or unstable, and why we all seek validation through social media, whether it is praises for our achievements and happy moments, or empathy for our sad ones.

The last, and most important question on the star’s mind is why the world has become such a cruel place that people have sensationalized the death of a fellow actor, and sought publicity and money from it.

We must say, well put Zareen!

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