Zee Network bans Sonu Nigam for supporting Aam Aadmi Party

Celebrity singer Sonu Nigam‘s tweet in support of AAP leader Kumar Vishwas, has led to his ban by popular Zee Network channel. The media house displayed it’s anger as Sonu had recently tweeted out a video of AAP leader Kumar Vishwas, addressing the farmers’ rally in New Delhi. The rally had witnessed the suicide of Gajendra Singh, a farmer from Rajashthan. Zee Network had later shown a footage where moments after the incident, Vishwas was seen saying off the mic ‘latak gaya?’.


Sonu Nigam tweeted a video that gave another perspective to the controversial incident. The video has cleared the poet turned politician Kumar Vishwas from his controversial comment. This irked Zee Network which also produces films, so they have banned the singer from all its future projects.

After Sonu Nigam tweeted about the ban imposed on him by Zee Network, his followers started tweeting in support of the singer with #IStandWithSonuNigam.

Sonu Nigam further tweeted

Do you think that Zee Network is right in Banning Sonu Nigam? Do let us know your views on this matter soon.

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