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Kareena Kapoor Khan recently completed two decades in the film industry. The actress has proved her acting mettle by delivering award winning performances in films like Chameli, Omkara, Jab We Met, Yuva and Talaash to name the few. In her two decade long career, Bebo has impressed the critics and the audience alike with her acting prowess.

On personal front, Kareena recently embraced motherhood for the second following which she launched her book Pregnancy Bible. In her first book, Kareena has penned about her experience during both her pregnancies. The actress even called the book her third child.


Earlier today we came across reports of a complaint being filed against Kareena Kapoor for hurting religious sentiments over her book’s title ‘Pregnancy Bible’. As per PTI report, a Christian group has taken objection to the title of the actress’ book. The group has accused Kareena of hurting religious sentiments and they have filed a police complaint in Beed city of Maharashtra against the actress and two others.


The complainants has said that the use of the holy word ‘Bible’ in the book’s title has hurt the religious sentiments of Christians. In the last few years, taking offence has become our country’s national pass time. People are getting offended on anything and everything under the sun. How does they even come up with these bizarre logic is beyond me. Isn’t embracing motherhood one of the most beautiful miracle created by the almighty? So suddenly how does the title ‘Pregnancy Bible’ has become offensive?

Every day we come across reports of some or the other religious outfits taking offence to a web series, a film’s title or its subject. The amount of time and space given to such meaningless debates and discussion is mere wastage of everyone’s time. In fact, recently there was also an outrage caused on social media because Kareena apparently has demanded Rs. 12 crore for playing the role of Sita. An actress demanding a whopping sum for a film becomes a matter of national interest, but where are these moral police of the society when it comes to actually doing something constructive for the nation.

As per the horrifying statistics, every 16 minutes, a woman is raped somewhere in India. Many a times these horrifying incidents have taken place at the places of worship. Why don’t these religious vigilante group take offence then? Celebs have always been a soft target for trolls and especially such religious outfits. Hope better sense prevails and our society rises above these level of ridiculousness.

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