Anil Kapoor’s first stint on camera? In class 7, without his parents’ knowledge

From humble beginnings, achieving stardom to working in international projects, actor Anil Kapoor’s journey as a performer has been very inspirational. Initially, after doing some minor roles in movies, the actor played his first leading role in Hindi films in ‘Woh Saat Din’ (1983). The actor has been in the film industry for over three decades now, and certainly the journey hasn’t been all easy for him. The actor had made his first Hindi film appearance with director Umesh Mehra’s ‘Hamare Tumhare’ (1979) playing a small role in it.

However, not many would know that way before ‘Hamare Tumhare’, the actor had played the childhood role of veteran actor Shashi Kapoor in film ‘Tu Payal Mein Geet’. Recently, we stumbled upon an old interview of the actor where he recalled about his first stint in acting when he was in the 7thstandard, the time when he passed his first audition. But, surprisingly the actor didn’t tell his parents about it until he started shooting for the movie. Yes! You read that right.

On Karan Thapar’s show ‘Face to Face’, Anil shared that he never imagined that he would be a star. But, definitely he wanted to be an actor as it was always his dream to be one. And he was in his 7thstandard when he got this first opportunity through one of his friends, who knew about his love and passion for performing. The actor said on the show, “I had a friend of mine whose father was a junior artist supplier and then he was looking for out for a kid who would look like Shashi Kapoor and who could play junior Shashi Kapoor and that’s the time I said ‘Okay fine and I told him I said yeah I have spoken to my mother and father, and they said yes’. I passed the audition and you know and then I didn’t tell my parents, I said let me get into the continuity, let me start shooting then I’ll tell them otherwise then they won’t let me work, let me act in the film, so that’s what I did.” (Also Read:When Anil Kapoor’s acting tips turned into his loss, and Jackie Shroff’s gain)

Further, he shared about the first day of his shooting and revealed how his family came to know about him doing this film.

“And I went to Roop Tara studios, I think that’s where they the first shooting was. I was shooting with Pran saaband I did this one scene and that’s it and I was in the film and in the night when I came back, I was… I had the makeup on, I didn’t remove the makeup because I wanted everyone to know that I had become an actor and I kept that makeup on for three days… two days, sorry. And overnight then didn’t take a bath, shower in the morning, and next day I went to school with my makeup, so that in the assembly all my school friends and the whole school could see that here’s someone who’s special. Here’s the one who has makeup on, and he’s an actor so he’s special comparatively.”

Quite an interesting incident, we must say!

Sadly, Anil’s debut film (as a child artist) ‘Tu Payal Mein Geet’ did not get a theatrical release, as it was shelved. But, the passion for acting in him never stopped and the rest as they say is history.

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Check out the full interview of Anil Kapoor below:

When Sanjay Dutt didn't wake up for two days after taking drugs

When Sanjay Dutt didn't wake up for two days after taking drugs
Image Source - Instagram

Sunil and Nargis Dutt’s son, Sanjay Dutt‘s life has been a roller-coaster ride. Born in 1959, Sanjay Dutt’s life has always been under the media scanner. Though we know how eventful his life has been, after watching the trailer of his upcoming biopic ‘Sanju’, we all were quite surprised to know certain things about the various phases of this actor’s life. The film will apparently highlight all the highs and lows of Sanjay Dutt’s life in which his addiction to drugs will also form an integral part.

We came across an old video interview of the actor with veteran actress Simi Garewal from her show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’. In this interview, the actor spilled the beans on how badly his life got affected by his addiction to drugs. He went on to narrate an incidence where he once sniffed Heroin and went on to sleep for straight two days! (Also Read:‘Sanju’: Rajkumar Hirani recreates a scene from ‘Munna Bhai M.B.B.S’ after 15 years!)

Sanjay woke up in the morning next day feeling extremely hungry. He asked his servant to make something for him but was shocked to see his servant cry. When Sanjay asked him why he was crying, the servant told him that he had woken up after two long days. This specific incident had left his entire family scared. After this episode, the actor understood that it was time to wake up and smell the coffee before it gets too late.

You can check out his full interview below:

The actor later went into rehabilitation and came out clean. ‘Sanju’, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, has Ranbir Kapoor playing Sanjay Dutt. Also starring Sonam Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Vicky Kaushal, Manisha Koirala in pivotal roles, the film is all set to hit the silver screens on June 29. Till then stay tuned for more such interesting stories.

Ranbir Kapoor gave these many retakes for a scene in 'Saawariya'

Ranbir Kapoor gave these many retakes for a scene in 'Saawariya'
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Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the word perfection go hand in hand. The man is extremely particular when it comes to his film and takes care of even the minutest details in every scene. This is also the reason why most of his films are blockbusters. One of the actors who was privileged enough to work with this man is none other than Ranbir Kapoor. Mr Kapoor made his Bollywood debut with SLB’s directorial ‘Saawariya’. Though the movie did not work wonders at the box office, it did give a fair amount of recognition to Ranbir.

In a recent interaction with senior journalist Anupama Chopra, the actor recalled his ‘Saawariya’ days and spoke about the no. of retakes he had to deliver for one particular scene in the song ‘Jab Se Tere Naina.’ (Also Read:In Pics: Lovebirds Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt visit Sanjay Dutt’s residence)

Anil Kapoor's first stint on camera? In class 7, without his parents' knowledge

The actor said,” I started with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and he doesn’t do anything less than 45 takes. So even if I had to turn my head, I probably had to give 50 takes. There was a shot in this so-called ‘towel song’ Jab Se Tere Naina, where I had to roll back on this chair and fall down and the towel had to fall in a certain way with my leg showing and there was one shot where I was lying down laughing and I had to get up and sing a song and he’s very particular about what beat you catch, he’s a very musical director – you fall on this beat, you lift your head here, you laugh here – everything is musical. I did 45 or 50 takes one day and my back really broke. The next morning when I came back, he said, ‘No, I’ve not got it’ and I had to do another 70 takes.”

Well, that is something huge but then if you wish to get appreciation from a man like Bhansali, you ought to put in that much amount of effort.