When Abhay Deol slammed T-Series for sabotaging his film’s music causing him huge losses

Image Source - Instagram

Abhay Deol has never shied away from speaking his heart out. From time to time he has always spoken up about the ills of the film and music industry. From talking about fairness products to the unfairness of award show, he has always made sure he opens his gob out when there is some important issue troubling the state of the society we’re living in. Now that the music industry is facing turmoil where T-Series is being called out by top singers and musicians like Sonu nigam, Salim Merchant, Nikhita Gandhi, etc.

Looking at the turmoil we are reminded of a time when Abhay Deol was put through to some serious troubles all because of the now-in-news company, T-Series. Abhay had come to an awards night back in 2014 when he had a black patch on his eye. Abhay was amidst the promotions of his first big feature film production, ‘One By Two’.

Worried about what must have happened, reporters asked him, and Abhay just let the flood gates open. He spoke openly about how his film’s music wasn’t getting launched because T-Series was trying to get an allegedly illegal contract signed by Abhay from his musicians Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. When Abhay protested and refused to do it, the song’s of the movie weren’t even allowed to release online.

Abhay spoke about the whole incident very candidly, and even named T-Series. Have a look at the entire video right here:

Even though that time it was an issue about the copyrights law, it was T-Series only which was at the receiving end of this controversy.

We all know how ‘One By Two’ tanked, and Abhay had a bad break up with GF Preeti Desai, who was the leading lady in that film. Abhay didn’t work for over a year even now has got very selective about the projects that he picks up.

Abhay had received massive praise from all artists in the music industry for his strong stand. Sonu Nigam, Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan, Javed Akhtar and many others had come together and spoken up praising Abhay for his stand.

Will Abhay Deol stand up once again now that Sonu Nigam has opened the can of worms again, and slammed T-Series? Let’s wait and watch.

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