When Rajesh Khanna was infuriated after Kamal Haasan refused to call him ‘Kaka’

Image Source - Instagram

Bollywood industry is a treasure trove of innumerable heartwarming stories of friendships and bonds. One such bond was shared by Kamaal Haasan with India’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna. Yes, Kamal and Rajesh shared a great friendship. On the 9th death anniversary of Rajesh Khanna, we take you back to the time when Haasan had shared some of his personal favorite anecdotes of his time spent in Khanna’s company.

Just like every other superstar, Rajesh Khanna had a nickname too. He was fondly called as Kaka by his friends, colleagues and fans. However Kamal Haasan, despite sharing a great friendship with Khanna, never called him Kaka. Recalling how his refusal infuriated Khanna, Haasan told SpotboyE, “I refused to call him ‘Kaka’ as everyone did. I was willing to call him Bade Bhaiyya or Mr Khanna. But not ‘Kaka’. That infuriated him. We spent many many hours together. I was this ‘upcoming actor from the South’—that’s how he introduced me in Mumbai. He was the undisputed King of Hindi cinema.” 

As Khanna featured in several remakes of South film, that’s how he came in contact with Haasan. They spent a lot of time discussing cinema and life in general. The South superstar also recalled how once he took Khanna to watch a film that almost led to stampede in theaters thanks to the latter’s star status. However Khanna enjoyed all the attention. While his wife Dimple Kapadia chided Haasan for pulling off such a stunt. Interestingly, Dimple and Haasan are also great friends. In fact, they have even worked together in Sagar.

Sharing why his friendship with Kaka came to an end, Haasan recalled, “I never wanted to be a star. I observed him. Our friendship came to a sorry end at a party in his house where he was less than polite. But my friendship with Dimple is forever.”

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