stop ruining classic songs

Back in the days, we didn’t get to watch television the entire day nor did being glued to the idiot box excite us. For most of us, going outdoor and playing was more exciting. But Bollywood songs had a special place in our schedule and hearts. There were times when we would hear about a song and wait to catch a glimpse of it on TV. The internet was a luxury back then; so even if we had computers and internet, the internet speed was such that if a video would play without buffering, we’d consider it as a blessing. Let’s leave the internet and its evolution for some other day.

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Getting back on track, watching Madhuri Dixit dance or listen to songs was our source of entertainment. What memories were those… standing in front of the TV set, trying to memorise the steps so we could do exactly those during the competitions and parties. Possessing cassettes of the film songs was one of our most valued treasures. Listening to our favourite songs on loop meant rewind and forward, which wasn’t as easy as a click. Even if it was tedious, it was fun! Kids born now won’t know the joy of it. Those were the days…


Now imagine ‘Ek Do teen’, Madhuri is dancing to it, all those expressions we fell in love with, cut to 2018, Jacqueline Fernandez grooving to the same. The memory was ruined, forever. No, we aren’t blaming Jacqueline for it, she tried her best. It’s just the entire concept of recreation that’s messed up. You may think that you’ll bank on the nostalgia factor and here people talk about it but we’re sorry, it’s just making us annoyed and feel sad that our memory won’t be the same.

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Let’s take the song ‘Zingaat’ for instance. The original Marathi song was fun, had the rawness, the madness in it and doesn’t look choreographed. All they were doing in the song was unleashing their real self and dancing like no one’s watching. Why does the new ‘Zingaat‘ look so framed and technical? And what’s with the lyrics? Amitabh Bhattacharya, sir, you have given us some amazing songs in ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, ‘Jagga Jassos’, ‘Dangal’, ‘Raees’ and more. How did you come up with lines like “Aye.. dhadak chik dhum dhadkan bole Jab tu chhat pe aaye… Nain ladake tujhse man mandir mein Jingle bell ho jaye”. There must be a story around it which we aren’t aware of, let’s keep it that way.

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There are so many others songs like ‘Humma Humma’, ‘Dum Maro Dum’, ‘Oye Oye’, ‘Cheez Badi Hai Mast’, ‘Maahi Ve’, ‘Dheere Dheere Se’, the list can go on and on. The more I mention, the painful it gets so I am going to stop right there.

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People may argue that at least the generation of today is getting to know of these classic. Sure, these kids need to listen to the songs but in its originality, not the disastrous remakes of it.

Stop it, stop it at once. Create new music, I’m sure there are enough talented people and all they need is a chance so please hear them out. Musicians, were expecting something different that hasn’t been heard before, that isn’t recreated, that isn’t already explored. The audience is ready to listen, we would love the change. Experiments have worked when it comes to films, it will work even when it comes to music. We promise we won’t disappoint you but for heaven’s sake, stop spoiling classic songs. There are feelings to it, don’t play with it.

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