Salman Khan: Jail experience was like 'entering hell'

Salman Khan‘s infamous Hit & Run Trail has come to an end. The Khan has been sentenced to 5 years rigorous imprisonment. The news of Salman Khan’s conviction has come like a lightening bolt for his fans and friends. Salman Khan had been incarcerated in jail once and the experience was not a good one for the Khan.

Salman Khan had spent some time in the barrack No. 1 of the Jodhpur Central jail. This was in connection with the Black buck poaching case in 2007. The Khan had later confessed that the experience was like ‘entering hell’.


Speaking about his experience in the jail, Salman Khan had said, “It looks all very cool to an outsider. I entered there and saw prisoners who have been there for 20 years and totally forgotten, and it was like hell. The state of the jail is so bad and when I offered to take care of some amenities, I was not allowed. I think some human rights guys should go there and check on these things. It is horrible for humans to stay in such places. I am not the kind to start crying in front of the TV camera. If I have to go to jail, I will go with a blank face, because that’s my destiny. ”

Now with the Dabangg Khan being charged with Five Years imprisonment, will he be able to bear it any better.

Watch the video below to knwo about ow Salman Khan fared in Jodhpur Jail.

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