Shehnaaz Gill, bigg boss 13, sidharth shukla

It’s the epic finale of the third season of Her Story and who better than Shehnaaz Gill to draw curtains on this edition of the Bollywood Bubble chat show. Host Nayandeep Rakshit caught up with the social media queen and discussed her journey. From not having family support to running away from home, Shehnaaz speaks about the lesser-known side to her journey. While everyone loved her after Bigg Boss 13, most don’t know the struggle she’s seen in her life. She shares she used to do a Rs 15000 job to sustain after she left her house and got back only when she had made a name for herself. Reflecting on her life’s episodes, she also talks about how she has always believed in her dreams and had the zidd to make sure she lives them. Apart from that, everyone knows that Shehnaaz lost a loved one last year and having battled that grief, she reveals she’s now become stronger and more prepared. The child-like innocence remains but there’s definitely a sense of calm in her today that you notice. She had released a song in memory of Sidharth Shukla last year before restarting her work again but got heavily trolled for the same which was unnecessary and uncalled for. She finally breaks silence on how she deals with negativity and trolling on a regular basis and what she’s looking forward to, now. Watch the video right here.