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Bigg Boss season 17 is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience with high-voltage drama in the house. With every passing day, it looks like housemates are having a tough time surviving in the house. While feuds often take place in the house, there are times when contestants cross the line and end up engaging in physical fights. While this season, Sunny Aryaa aka Tehalka faced the wrath and was kicked out of the house last week, will Isha Malviya face similar consequences as she pushes Abhishek Kumar?

Will Isha Malviya be thrown out of Bigg Boss 17 house?

As per the latest promo, a massive fight breaks into the house during an immunity task between Neil Bhatt and Arun Mashettey. In the fight, exes Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar get violent and the former ends up pushing him. With this act, Isha ends up breaking one of the most important rules of the house, i.e. physical violence is not allowed in the house. At the end of the clip, Abhishek urges Bigg Boss to take action against Isha.

For those unversed, possibilities are there that Isha Malviya might be kicked out of the house. A similar instance happened last week when Sunny Aryaa aka Tehelka’s violent behaviour was called out by host Karan Johar for grabbing Abhishek’s collar during a fight. He was immediately ousted, but the catch here is while mentioning the reason for throwing him out instantly a clip was telecasted that proved Tehelka Bhai was warned around 10 times and alerted for his behaviour.

But there is also a reality of this show that Bigg Boss is often seen taking biased decision towards popular faces of the show. This season, he has time and again declared that he will be partial. Since this is the first time Isha has got in a physical altercation, will Bigg Boss warn her or remove her? To know this, we have to wait till Weekend Ka Vaar.

Past season contestants who were thrown out of the house due to violence

In past seasons as well, we have witnessed massive fights among housemates. For eg, when Archana Gautam held Shiv Thakare by the neck in season 16, she was immediately instructed to leave the house. However later, she entered. Before her, contestants like Kushal Tandon, Priyank Sharma, Madhurima Tuli, among others have faced similar consequences. To note, Bigg Boss bias was quite palpable during season 15 when Karan Kundrra cloke slammed Pratik Sehajpal but was still in the house. Netizens at that time even took cognizance of Karan’s act and demanded his exit.

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