Dear Maya Manisha Koirala

Dear Maya,

It’s a warm, sunlit day in Mumbai today. Although the heat is almost blazing at times and the sun tends to scorch us, I like it more than the gloomy, cloudy days. A few thousand feet up in Shimla, the sunbeams must be wandering softly, nudging you with love. I thought I would write to you today.

Have you removed the heavy curtains and unbolted the windows yet? I can almost imagine you staring outside,  with resent in your eyes and begrudged at heart. Are you crawling to the darkest corner of your room again? It’s been years since your eyes soaked in happiness and your skin glimmered under the streaks of sun. I wish my letter could also tell you how to unlock the coffer of happiness and never yield to sombre again. Or may be, I can?

Dear Maya, it’s been twenty years. Twenty long years since you stepped out of those walls, twenty long years since life pleased you, twenty long years since you loved yourself. All these years, your heart has been heftier that the cliff, your eyes never ceased from flickering. Your fingers, insentient at times, trembled at the possibility of affection, only to douse away the next moment. How do I know, you ask? You aren’t alone, Maya.


Do you know what Menachem Begin said? “Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of truth.”. Everything life throws at us, is for us to discover life. And life, my dear, is the most miraculous creation you will ever come across. It’s been long, Maya, since the rims of your lips broke out on a smile. Look inside; every inch of you is screaming, calling to live again.

For years, and may be for ages, we have over-simplified love. Drunk on the idea of romantic rapture, we forgot to take notice of the littlest pleasures life throws at us every now and then. Look around Maya, there’s no dearth of love. We live in a miserable time, and love is the only thing that still keeps the world running.

Let your eyes meet the sunshine, and recall the days you’ve survived. Gather your pieces together, and shape a new you. Look up to the sky, aren’t you the strongest, tallest, fiercest? Your feet will quiver for the next moments, but the next footsteps you make will quake the world. That’s how vigorous you’re.

Drop your black dupatta, pick a red one. Ditch the gloom, wear a smile. Bath in glee, run amid the jungle, chortle as loudly as you can. Embrace love. Fall in love. Grab love. Have no regrets, because life is way too minuscule to have money.

Because, dear Maya, you’re worth everything life means.

To the beautiful Mayas who are in endless search of themselves. 🙂