koffee with karan 8

You can hate it, you can love it but you absolutely cannot ignore it. That’s the charm of Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan. The filmmaker-host is now back with the show’s 8th season and well, it’s bigger than ever. The opening episode released last night and turned heads and how but for the first time ever, for all the right reasons.


Unlike the previous Koffee With Karan seasons which were often filled with fun gossips and frivolous banters, the first episode of the latest season last night was all about love and meaningful conversations. Had to be that because the guests were bonafide movie stars and possibly one of the most loved Bollywood couples – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. It was a refreshing change and a good move for the opening couple, Deepika and Ranveer to keep the conversations so full of love and joy.


Throughout the episode, the couple didn’t miss the chance to address their love towards each other, and kept space in the room for Karan to talk about his battle with depression as well! One of the highlights from the show, was truly when Karan opened up about not feeling his best, and Deepika comforting him saying, “I am here for you Karan, whenever you need!”

From the past few years, Karan’s chat show along with providing entertainment, has also been targeted for the hate it sometimes brings, the comparisons and for putting people down. And finally, after years of following almost the same pattern, it’s such a happy feeling to witness a beautiful change.

In last night’s episode, there were no toxic conversations, no unnecessary gossip, no double-meaning chats! Only love, smile, laughter, joys, happy tears and oh Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding video which almost got everyone watching to tears.

One of the many best moments that the audience also got to witness through this episode is how DeepVeer sat put next to each other, radiating power, love and gratitude just as they do in real life. When asked if they would add a vow if they decided to remarry on their 10th anniversary, Deepika said, “continue doing what we’ve been doing”.

Truly hoping for the same vibe to continue this entire season!

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