Not just the actor, but the larger-than-life phenomenon that is Shah Rukh Khan

Not just the actor, but the larger-than-life phenomenon that is Shah Rukh Khan

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Seems like age is just a whiff which touches Shah Rukh Khan and drifts away. Don't believe us? Well, watch the mini trails of Imtiaz Ali's latest, 'Jab Harry Met Sejal', and watch this man turning on his flirt-o-meter to the max. You will get what we are saying. While actors his age play romance the safe way, it seems that Shah Rukh Khan is once again going to prove that be it any generation, he is going to rule the genre of rom-coms, come what may.

After all, it is not for nothing he is known as the King, the Baadshah of Bollywood. He is one of those few actors who have performed consistently and carved a niche for themselves. Such is the charm of this man that he is revered globally, and not just in India. But, behind this immense success lies a story of utmost dedication and hard work, for this stardom was not built overnight. It was achieved and created bit by bit. And it was all done by this one man, who had no one to fall back to, on days he struggled and strove to make a name for himself. He is a truly self-made man, who dared to infiltrate the Bollywood ruled by nepotism, solely on the basis of sheer talent that he possessed, and the passion that drove him.

This man is not just a reel-life king of hearts. He is a star for the people and by the people, not just on screens, but off it too. Probably that is why, even his downfall was not such that it could pull his zeal down, for he always had the love of his fans.

Did you know that Shah Rukh's charities are a through and through secret affair? While there are many celebs who rave about their 'good deeds', here is a man who likes to keep it mum. However, if you do snoop around the right way, you would find out the tip of the iceberg. In the year 2012, the superstar had adopted 12 villages. Till date, he is providing those villages with all the basic amenities required for a normal and healthy lifestyle, including but not limited to electricity, water supply, education, medicines, and others. He was even named 'Bollywood's Most Charitable Person' by China's Hurun Research Institute, when he donated Rs 25 crores towards social and rural development. He also makes regular donations to 'Make A Wish foundation' and even invites kids to visit his house, 'Mannat', a dream many of his fans cherish, but he wishes to share the same with underprivileged kids. This is just a small percentage of what the superstar does.

Many may say that since he earns so much, so what if he donates a part of it. We beg to differ. We have seen richest of richest bargaining for a meager 10 bucks. It does not take money, but a heart to disburse what you have, to share what you have achieved, with those for who even the basics are luxuries.

No matter how larger-than-life this man has been on screens, making us go weak in our knees when we watch him romance, Shah Rukh has never been embroiled in big controversies, and certainly not the ones linking him up to his co-stars. His minor brawls, even if they have been, have been just made huge. For which father will not argue and turn unreasonable for his daughter? Our fathers too have done that. What matters is that SRK has never been arrogant and flaunted his stardom, or ever taken it for granted. This can be said for very few celebs, in today's day and age.

Here is a man who lives for his fans, and is humble and down to earth. Shah Rukh has always stated how he will always owe his success to his fans who have loved him in all the highs and lows of his career and kept him going. And he deserves every bit of that love.

Not just acting, Shah Rukh has invested his earnings in ventures like Red Chillies Entertainment and Kolkata Knight Riders. While former gives us movies to cherish and remember, as a production house, latter is a top team in the Indian Premier League.

A well-learned man, Shah Rukh has a huge three-floor library, and the little time that he gets from his schedule, he loves to spend that reading in his study. His interviews are laced with witty one-liners that never reek of ignorance, for whatever he says, it comes from a rich experience, and a life which he has spent reading and garnering knowledge, apart from pursuing his passion. Despite that, the superstar has always been humble about the same. If you don't believe us, watch his recent Ted Talk, and all the doubts will vanish. Not a tinge of pretence, this man owns the stage with his wisdom and life lessons.

A brilliant actor, an amazing speaker, a father who adores his kids Suhana, Aryan and AbRam, and who has stood by his wife Gauri like a rock, here's Shah Rukh Khan, the larger-than-life persona, a phenomenon, for you.


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