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With two weeks down for Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 17, viewers have certainly gotten a grasp of the contestants’ personalities. Though they all entered the show on a very interesting note, many of the male contestants walked in with too much air about themselves. Yes, call it patriarchy or male supremacy, the most prominent trait existing in that house as of now is toxicity and that is also coming especially from certain men. To name a few of them, Vicky Jain, Abhishek Kumar, Sunny Arya, Arun Mahshettey, and now even Samarth Jurel is entering the show carrying the very same toxic masculinity.

On the weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan rightly pointed out and pulled up Vicky for mistreating his wife Ankita Lokhande. Salman even reprimanded Abhishek because he didn’t know the basic courtesy of how to speak with another person. Calling names, charging at them, and casually character-assassinating a woman has been a regular practice coming from these men, and honestly, I don’t think it’s cool. As a viewer, it is highly disrespectful to me, but I wonder why aren’t the strong-headed woman taking a stand about it.

Vicky Jain is the leader of this toxicity

Like Bigg Boss rightly calls him, Vicky Bhaiyya, is not just exuding toxicity, he is influencing that on others too. During several fights, he has been extremely derogatory to Ankita and told her things that are rather personal. Honestly, I feel, Vicky is trying very hard to prove that he is not a trophy husband, but where he is going wrong is at getting that very memo. Ankita is trying hard to walk hand in hand with her partner, but sadly for Vicky, it has become more like showing who has the upper hand in the relationship.

There have been instances where Ankita has wanted Vicky’s support, but sadly, the man is busy playing his game, and he is forgetting the very reason why he is on the show – Ankita. In fact, it looks like Vicky is cashing on Ankita’s stardom and trying to show, that he is a better fit for the show, and this can backfire.

Abhishek Kumar the brand ambassador of toxicity

Right from his first step in the house, Abhishek has not been real. While he is trying to show himself as a macho gabru, the acting of it is very bad. In fact, in wearing this aura, Abhishek is treating the women in that house really badly, be it Mannara Chopra or Isha Malviya. He just doesn’t know how to have a mature conversation, but charges at the women or even men, to intimidate them.

According to me, Abhishek is trying to make an attempt to pose as the late Siddharth Shukla, Gautam Gulati, or Prince Narula, and miserably failing at it. Or it seems like he is way to influenced by the character of Kabir Singh and thinks that the audience will like it. Sadly, many aren’t!

Sunny Arya and Arun Mashettey the manchild of toxicity

Though Sunny and Arun are very mature at instances, there are locker room-type conversations that these two indulge in regularly. In this, they belittle the women in the house, question their character, or even slut-shame them not realizing it is all on camera. This very stance on them is why I call them manchild. projecting yourself to be cool by resorting to things like these is not actually cool.

Samarth Jurel the toxic guy next door

The latest and first wild card of the season, Samarth who claims to be Isha’s boyfriend also has a toxic streak. He isn’t that bad (trust me I recently met him), but is trying to project himself that way on camera. From shaming his girl on national television to questioning her character, is simply below the belt and a trait of a guy who is a big red flag.

The sad part is that once these guys are out they will all blame this behavior on the show. They will say the makers made us do it, but that is not a piece of information worth buying. I hope they realize they are on India’s biggest reality show which can change lives, and they are doing the damage for themselves. High time they smell the coffee!

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