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Renowned playback singee Abhijeet Bhattacharya has captivated millions of fans with his soulful voice and melodious songs. With a career spanning over three decades, Abhijeet has left an indelible mark in the Bollywood music industry. Apart from singing, Abhijeet is known for his controversial remarks on anti-Pakistan stand. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, he spoke about paying a price for being true deshbhakt and how double standards exist in Bollywood.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya claims Bollywood celebs are paid to be a ‘deshbhakt’

Talking about why he regrets being a patriot, Abhijeet said, “Mujhe apni bewakoofiyo pe hasi bahut aati hai aaj bhi. Par apni galtiyo par ek line yahi bolna chahunga ki, ‘Deshbhakti ke liye natak karo, par real mat bano’. There are some ‘so-called’ deshbhakts jinhe pay kiya jata hai. Deshbhakti nibhane ke liye they are being paid. (I still laugh at my foolishness. I have one line to describe my mistakes, ‘pretend to be a patriot, but don’t become a real one. Some so-called patriots are being paid to put on an act). And I paid a heavy price to be the only patriot in this industry.

He further added, “Bollywood ka koi aadmi deshbhakt nahi hai. Usme ek husband kuch bolte hai aur wife jaake parliament me Mazak udati hai. Koi ram lala ke darshan karne jaraha hai toh wife jis party mein hai wo ram ji ko gaali dete hai. So paisa deke kisi se deshbhakti mat karao, maine paise aur bahut kuch gavaya hai is chakkar mein. (No one in Bollywood is a true patriot. For example, a husband will say something and the wife will make fun of it in parliament. If one is going and praying at Ram Mandir, the wife’s political party doesn’t support it and badmouths it. That’s why I say that don’t force someone to be a patriot, I have lost a lot of things because of it). Now I am what I am. I will only sing and entertain people.”

During the chat, the playback singer also spoke about being vocal, his favourite new-gen singer and much more. Watch the full interview here:

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