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Social media influencer Manisha Rani was the second runner-up of Bigg Boss OTT 2. She was termed the entertainment queen in the house and was known for her flirting skills. She was often seen flirting with Jad Hadid, Abhishek Malhan and more. However, seeing their chemistry, fans started putting a romantic angle between Manisha-Abhishek and Manisha-Elvish Yadav. But who is the man in Manisha’s love life? Find out below.

Manisha Rani on feelings for Abhishek Malhan

During an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Manisha clearly mentioned that there’s nothing with Abhishek. There’s only true friendship and nothing romantic. When asked about the same, Manisha told us, “Nahi, romantic angle kuch bhi nahi hai kyuki hum apne audience se jhoot nahi bolna chahte. Mera aur Abhishek ka bohot acha bonding tha but humne expect bhi nahi kiye the ki bahar aisa kuch hoga wo bhi humlog ke beechme. Mujhe laga tha Elvish (Yadav) ke saath mera naam hoga ya Jad (Hadid) ke saath hoga. Ya fir Abhishek ka Jiya ke saath hoga.

(No, there is no romantic angle because I don’t want to lie to our audience. Abhishek and I had a great bond, but we never expected that something like this would be in discussion outside the house. I thought my name would be linked with Elvish (Yadav) or Jad (Hadid) and maybe Abhishek would be linked with Jiya.)

She added, “But hum dono ka aisa hoga ye bilkul bhi hum soche nahi the. Jab ghar ke bahar aaye aur jab hashtag dekhe toh khudhi shock hogaye ki humlog ka itna zyada dikhaya jaa raha hai. But ha humlog ekdum dil se dosti hai, pure relation hai.

(But I never imagined my name would be linked with him. When we came outside and saw the hashtag, we were shocked to see how much was being shown about us. But yes, we are truly friends, a genuine relationship.)

Manisha-Abhishek friendship

The BB OTT 2 contesant insisted that she values her friendship with Abhishek a lot. She shared, “Mujhe lagta hai kabhi kabhi jo boyfriend-girlfriend hota hai wo rishta banta hai aur toot bhi jaata hai but dosti aisa ki jo zindagi bhar rehta hai. Toh mujhe lagta hai mera aur Abhishek ka jo dosti hai wo zindgi bhar rehga. But abhi aisa kuch romantic angle bilkul bhi nahi hai aur aage ho bhi nahi sakta hai. Kyuki hamara bohot pure bonding hai, aisa kuch feelings ek dusre ke liye nahi hai. But ye dosti itna acha hai ki ye pyaar se bhi zyada acha hai.”

(Sometimes, I think that boyfriends and girlfriends have relationships that form and break, but friendship is something that lasts a lifetime. So, I believe that the friendship between Abhishek and me will last a lifetime. But right now, there is absolutely no romantic angle, and it cannot happen in the future either. Because our bond is very pure, there are no such feelings for each other. But this friendship is so good that it’s even better than love.)

Manisha Rani on her dating rumours between Elvish

When asked if you spoke to Elvish’s girlfriend and if everything is well between the two. Manisha revealed that she spoke to her a couple of times while hoping that everything between in great. “Mujhe nahi lagta ki mere wajah se unlogo ka kuch toota chahiye. Kyuki andar joh bhi ho raha tha bahar logo ko pata hai ki wo masti mazak ke liye ho raha tha. Mujhe nahi lagta uski girlfriend ye rishta todegi. Elvish bohot acha hai aur bohot loyal banda hai. I think koi bhi ladki lucky hogi ki Elvish uska boyfriend hai. Jo Manisha Rani se nahi pata toh matlab ladka thik hai,” she said.

(I don’t think their bond should be hampered because of me. Whatever was happening inside the house was in good spirits. I don’t think his girlfriend will break up because of this. Elvish is a good man and a good boyfriend. If he was impressed by Manisha Rani that means he is a good person.)

Manisha then explained her bond with Elvish. “Jab hum first time Elvish se mile the toh humko uska vibe acha laga tha. Wo itna mast banda tha ki mujhe uske saath maza aana laga. Toh do-teen din tak hum toh boht hi ache friend hi the but pata nahi usko mere baat se aisa kya feel hogaya ki humko usse pyaar hai. Maine aisa kuch nahi kiya tha,” she said. (When I first met Elvish, I liked his vibe. He is such an amazing person and I started having fun with him. So, for a couple of days, we were really good friends, but I don’t know why he felt that I had fallen in love with him. I didn’t do anything like that.)

On Elvish Yadav’s shy behaviour

She then mentioned that during a task Elvish had told her to be vocal if she has any feelings for him as he has a girlfriend. At that time she thought Elvish was a shy person. “Toh uske saath masti mazak karna ka soche nahi the. Aisa nahi tha ki wo aaye aur uske start flirting kare, aisa kuch bhi nahi tha. Wo har ladki ko bolta tha ‘ye Manisha mujhese dur reh, Ashika mujhse dur reh’ toh mujhe aisa character bohot intersting lagta tha ki ladka hoke ladki se darr raha hai,” adding that she was maintaining distance as he was in a relationship with someone. (I had not planned to goof around him. It’s not like he came inside and I’ll flirt with him, there was nothing like that. He used to tell every girl, ‘Stay away Manisha’ and warned Ashika to stay away from me. I found this character very interesting, that a guy is afraid of girls even though he’s a guy.)

Is Manisha dating Tony Kakkar?

Earlier, there were reports that she was dating singer Tony Kakkar. Reacting to that, Manisha said, “Nahi, hamara aisa scene kuch bhi nahi hai. Mera aur Tony Kakkar ka ye hai ki jab Bigg Boss house se nikle aur hamari Instagram pe baat hui fir hum miley bhi the but wo ek vibe hota hai ki bohot match hogaya aur project bhi saath me karna hai toh yehi hai. (No, there’s no scene between us. Talking about me and Tony Kakkar it’s just that when I came out of the Bigg Boss house, we spoke on Instagram, and we also met. But there’s a vibe that clicked and we also have a project to work on together. That’s it.)

Watch the full interview here:

Well, it is evident that she has no romantic angle with either one of them but we wish her happiness.

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