Rakhi Sawant has always been the talk of the town owing to her personal and professional life, and controversial statements. Earlier this year, Rakhi announced her wedding with Mysore-based businessman Adil Khan Durrani. Soon, things turned bitter and they got separated in February 2023. Rakhi’s mother Jaya Bheda passed away on January 28 after battling cancer. During a media interaction after her separation, the Bigg Boss contestant blamed Adil for the same.

She accused him of not giving her treatment on time and misusing her money. Now, in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Adil has revealed shocking details about the same. He opened up about his equation with Jaya Bheda and shared how Rakhi was waiting for the media to arrive when her mom died.

Adil Khan Durrani spills beans on his equation with Rakhi Sawant’s mom Jaya Bheda

During the conversation, we asked Adil about the reality of her mother’s death. Opening up about his equation with Jaya, Adil shared, “Christmas uski maa ke saath maine bitaya, jab wo Bigg Boss house me thi. Uski maa se mai itna pyaar karta tha, mai unka favourite insaan tha. Bichari kabhi kuch bol nahi paayi mujhe, par mujhe kehti thi ki Rakhi ko sudharo. Bahut achi lady thi she was a very nice woman. Har mahine ke Rs 30000 mai uski maa ko bhi deta tha. Lekin uski maa Rakhi ke liye ek investment bank thi. Meri maa ko cancer hai ye bolke har insaan se paise lutti rehti thi wo. 1-2 lakh rupye wo donation leti thi. Par kisi ko kuch diya nahi. Wo paise wo kha jati thi. Priya Dutt, Salman Khan ka Being Human foundation ya Ambani ka trust, sab treatment ka wo log take care karte the. (I had celebrated Christmas along with her mother while she was in the Bigg Boss house. I was her mother’s favorite person. She never said much but requested me to bring Rakhi to the right path. I used to give her mother Rs 30000 every month. But her mother was like an investment banker to her. She used to extort money from people in lieu of her cancer treatment. She never gave a penny to anyone for treatment. Priya Dutt, Salman Khan’s foundation, and Ambani’s trust were funding her treatment.)”

Adil reveals Rakhi was unaffected by her mother’s death

He further spilled beans about Rakhi waiting for media to arrive at the hospital. Adil also revealed how she was unaffected by her death. “Jis din unki death hui, it happened at 3 o clock in the afternoon. I immediately rushed after hearing the news. Mai Rakhi ko phone karke puch raha hu kaha hai tu, jaa kyu nahi rahi. Ussi din, Pathaan movie ka kuch review chal raha tha, puri media udhar thi. Shaam ke 7 ya 8 baje tak Rakhi apni maa ki body dekhne nahi ja rahi kyuki media nahi aayi. Wo fir jati hai, media trial karti hai rona-dhona and stuff. At 11 in the night, after everything, I went to her friend’s house. Is din mujhe pata chala rakhi itni giri hui ho sakti hai. Maa ke din bhi she is sitting and having biryani at 1 o clock. I gave her mother diamond rings out of love, still, she claims I took her jewellery and ran away? Adil ki wajah se mom mar gayi? (Her mom passed away at 3 o clock in the afternoon. After hearing the news I rushed to the hospital and called Rakhi to ask where she is as she was not present there. On the same day, some Pathaan review event was happening and whole media was there. Till 7 or 8 in the evening, she didn’t arrive to see her mother’s body because media was not present. Later, she started crying and all I can say is it was fake. At 11 in the night, I went to see her at her friend’s place. That day I got to know what a frivolous person she is. She was relishing Biryani at 1’o clock in the midnight as if nothing happened)”, he said.

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