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Singer Alka Yagnik who was one of the top singers in the 90s graced Bollywood Bubble’s Melody Tale latest episode. Alka’s songs were a rage back in the 90s. From romantic ballads to peppy dance numbers, the songs of Alka Yagnik used to be charbusters. Ek Do Teen Chaar, Chamma Chamma, Choli Ke Peeche, Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Chura Ke Dil Mera, Dekha Tujhe Toh and many more are still being played at parties and functions. However, during the candid chat, Alka was asked if she faced pay parity in the 90s among the singers the way actors face in Bollywood.

Alka Yagnik on pay parity

The singer said that they earned in peanuts. Even though they didn’t earn money, they earned love and respect from the fans. She exclusively told us, “I won’t say anything about the pay difference between a male and a female singer. But our pay package was in peanuts. In the 90s we sang plenty of songs but we were not paid well. It was neither during the concerts nor during recordings. But it is different in today’s time because it’s huge (the pay package of a singer). I feel that our lot in the 90s has earned a lot of name and respect, lots of songs and credibility, everything. We have not earned that much in pay package-wise like the new singers because now the scale has become very different.

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Furthermore, in the interview, Alka talks us through the process of navigating double-meaning lyrics, and item songs. She even shed light on why golden-era songs should not be converted into trashy remakes. She feels that playback singing was a ‘reputed’ profession back in the day.

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