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Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap never shies away from expressing his opinions on whereabouts of industry. Recently, rise in actors’ unreasonable demands and surge in entourage cost has become topic of discussion. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Anurag Kashyap blames producers and agencies of rising entourage cost due to which the one who works hard is paid less.

Anurag Kashyap on rising entourage cost

Talking about this phenomenon, Kashyao stated how producers are to be blamed for it. He says, “This environment has spoiled and I blame OTT surge for it. See kaam toh sab karte hai aur sabko uss hisaab se paise milne chahiye. Jo actors ko jyada paise milte hai wo isliye ki unki kharab film bhi opening leti hai. Jaise ki Salman Khan hai, unki kharab film bhi opening leti hai. Toh agar app film open kar sakte ho, toh fir lelo. Isse problem nahi hai. (Everyone works and should be paid acaordingly. And the actors who get paid more it’s because their bad film also take good opening. For eg Salman Khan, no matter what his films take good opening. So if you are able to do so, then demand the money).”

He further adds, “Abhi I think more than actors problem is also producers. In order to run their house and company producers prefer taking actors in a project, for which they even fulfill their demand. Toh spoil karne wale 2 log hote hai, agents aur producers. Aur jo BTL (Below the line) hote hai jaise ki assistants aur technicians, unko wo negotiate karke kam dete hai. Toh kya hota hai ki actor ka entourage bada hojata hai. (Producers and agents have spoiled everything. They negotiate a lot with technicians and assistants and this raises entourage cost).”

On makeup artists being paid more than technicians

He also states that actors with big teams and makeup artists are paid more than technicians.” He avers, “Jo aadmi makeup hair karne aa rahe hai wo 75000 to 150000 lete hai per day. Agar aap unka shooting cost calculate karo, cameraman se jyada paise wo aadmi leta hai jo paseena paunchta hai. Assistant jo sabse jyada kaam karta usko utna payment nahi milta. Aaj kal log 15 log ki team lekar aate hai jisme se 4 log toh aapke instagram reel bana rahe hote hai.”

Kashyap adds, “Par ye sab kharcha allowed hota hai kyuki wo actor hai.  Lekin jo actual kaam karta usko paise nahi milte. Aur ye sirf india me hota hai aur Hollywood ki badi filmo mein, aur kahi ye bardasht nahi kiya jaata. (If you calculate the total film cost the person who cleans sweat is paid more than cameraman. Assistants who work hard are not paid enought. Infact these days actors come with a team of 15 persons and 4 among them are for making reels).”

He concludes, “Ye jo chakkar hai entourage ka, iska blame agencies par bhi jata hai. Ye un makeup artist, hair department aur entourage ko represent karte hai aur unse backend bhi lete hai. So the people who needs to be called out is the agencies. And I don’t take any bullshit from them. Yahi agents demands ki wajah se cost escalate karte hai. Kya hai na ki industry ki health Aaj kharab hai sirf is wajah se. So so health thik Karne ye sab sahi karna padega. (The health of industry is deteriorating due to such practices and everyone needs to fix it).”

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