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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi has been receiving tons of love from across the globe for its story, performances and execution. Aside from the lead actors, stars like ‘Ustaad’ Indresh Malik, Jayati Bhatia as Phatto and Shruti Sharma as Saima have also gained popularity for their roles.

During an exclusive telephonic chat with Bollywood Bubble, Indresh got candid about several things related to the SLB magnum opus. While interacting with us Indresh Malik spoke at length about Heeramandi having an intimacy coordinator, his character, the difficulties people of the third gender face, his intimate scene with ‘Cartwright’ Jason Shah and more. Read on to know a gist of what he said.

Indresh Malik on intimacy coordinator in Heeramandi

Revealing if there were intimacy coordinators on sets, the Heeramandi actor said, “Joh core group ki main baat kar raha hu – direction team, production team, personal team… yeh joh core team hai na inn hone kabhi bhi kammi mahsoos hone nahi di iss cheez ki. Humme joh extra protocol hai usko zaroorat hi nahi padi. Itne khubsurati se yeh hua. The whole team had the intelligence of the actor’s well-being and unko out of the place na lage. Jab sab vibe kare aache se toh scene bhi aachi ho jati hai.”

Indresh on intimate scene with Jason

Talking about Ustaad’s intimate scene with Cartwright, Indresh said, “Thodi hitch thi. Ek male ke saah itni proximity se scene nahi kiya.” He continued, “Humme izzazat mili Sanjay Leela Bhansali sir se, he was kind enough and the team of directors were understanding. Brief aachi mili thi, toh hitch kam hui. Jason aur main 30-40 minute baithe van mein. Humne discuss kiya ki kiss tarah se isko karenge.” He added that the bond they shared as co-stars proved helpful in shooting the scene perfectly.

While on the same topic, Indresh also added, “Sanjay ji was kind enough to give me the liberty to improvise and keep my own dialogues. Last ke joh dialogues hai woh saare flow mein bolte hai. They instinctively came to me.” He concluded, “All these things together made it easier (to shoot the scene).”

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