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Fahmaan Khan is a heartthrob of the Hindi TV industry today and it has been a momentous journey for him to reach here. The actor faced a lot of struggles and challenges on his path, but he overcame them all bravely. Recently, he opened up on some such experiences where he had to face casting couch. The actor indulged in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble and revealed the stories.

Fahmaan Khan on his casting couch experience

Fahmaan was a model about 15 years ago, before he turned an actor. He revealed that such incidents used to be much common there. He recalled, “At that time, ek bande ne mujhe kaha tha, I wouldn’t name that person, ki agar aapko kuch banna hai to you will have to satisfy me. To maine kaha, sir thank you, mujhe kuch banna nahi hai. Main apne ghar jake khana khake so jaunga, and I did that. (A man told me that if I want to be someone, I will have to satisfy him. I told him I don’t want to be anyone. I will go home, eat and sleep, and I did that).”

Fahmaan’s incident in Mumbai

A similar incident happened with Fahmaan Khan in Mumbai too when he came here. The actor remembered, “There was a person who called me into his office. He sat me down and gave me an entire lecture of over 45 minutes about how the world is here. Main naya tha yahaan pe, (he was like) ki har koi karta hai. (I was new here and he was like everyone does this). People, to get somewhere, they need to sacrifice things, compromise on things. These are the basic words ‘sacrifice’ and ‘compromise’.”

The actor insisted that being a city boy, he understood where it was heading . He added, “I tried to understand where hes coming from and what his point of view is and how he’s trying to convince me. I wanted to know that character of his. So, for 45 minutes, I heard him. At the end of the conversation, I said, ‘mujhe aapse ek sawaal karna hai. (I want to ask you one question). What do you want? Let’s get to the point. I understand where you are coming from. What do you want?’ He told me what he wanted. So, I said no. I respect what you are saying, you are being honest now, finally, thank you for that. I said I am not that kind of a person and I don’t want to work in that space. So, I’ll leave and I got up and started leaving.”

How the incident turned physically violent…

But things took a turn as he was going. Fahmaan shared, “As I started leaving, he came and grabbed me from behind. So, my instinct kicked in and I punched the s*** out of him after that. He told me he’ll call the cops. I gave him my phone and I said, ‘le, laga phone. 15 minute lagenge yahaan pahuchne mein. Khoon to nikal chuka hai, half murder case mein andar chala jaunga main. Laga phone’. (I gave him my phone to call the cops. I said it will take them 15 minutes to reach, and I was ready to go in on the charges of half murder). He shat, oh f*** this guy is crazy. So, he let me go from there.”

Fahmaan insisted that coming out of these incidents with his principles intact helped his confidence. Not just that, but the person even gave him work post the horrifying experience. The actor said, “I think after a day or two, he must have realised ki chalo theek hai, banda to kaam ka hi hai na. Aisa nahi ki main fuddu insan hun jisko kaam nahi aata hai apna. (After a couple days, he might have realised that I am good at my work). He called me because he thought he might have a chance and to give me that lecture. But eventually, when he understood ki chalo kaam to de hi dete hain isko, he did that. It worked out better for me, I didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get work.”

Well, Fahmaan did get some amazing work on his own merits, including his hit show Imlie with Sumbul Touqeer. Currently, he stars in Dharmpatni. During our chat, the actor also spoke about his plans to enter Bigg Boss 17.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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