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Falaq Naazz is one of the popular actresses on the small screen. She rose to fame with the role of Jhanvi Bharadwaj in the popular drama Sasural Simar Ka. Recently, she even participated in Bigg Boss OTT 2 where her stint won the hearts of the audience. While her professional career was faring fine, things haven’t been easy in her personal life. Her brother Sheezan Khan got arrested for orchestrating the suicide of his co-star and girlfriend Tunisha Sharma. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Falaq Naazz opened up about brother Sheezan Khan being traumatized and how she protected him.

Falaq Naazz on Sheezan Khan being traumatised post-Tunisha Sharma’s death

Sheezan Khan was behind bars for alleged abetment of suicide in Tunisha Sharma’s case. He got bail after 2 months of long legal battle. Recently, he was also a part of Khatron Ke Khiladi 13. But things were tough for him as he was traumatised. Talking about how Falaq made sure he is fine, the actress told, “I was very clear that I won’t let him be socially active. Mobile maine usko kayi hafto tak nahi pakdaya tha. Kyuki 2 mahine me jo bhi kuch bahar hua hai, agar wo dekhega toh wo bahut buri tarah tutega kyuki cheeze sahi nahi thi online (I did not even let him use his mobile for some days. Because what happened outside in those 2 months was not good, and if he sees he would get upset).

She further said, “And of course jab mental health itni kharab ho chuki thi, toh humne doctor ki help li. Bahut sari counselling’s hui Sheezan ki, dawaiyo pe bhi raha hai wo. Ye cheeze hui but kyuki humara family support system strong hai, wo kaam aaya is tough samay me (When his mental health was not good, we consulted a doctor. Sheezan had counseling sessions and was on medicines. But just because we had a strong family support system, we were able to deal with it).”

On being worried about Sheezan’s life

Speaking about how she was scared for Sheezan, Falaq shared, “I was very scared. Ye bhi ek reason hai maine social media aur uska bahar jana band karaya. Kyuki jo wo 2-3 mahine laga usko bahar nikalne me, maine kuch feel hi nahi kiya. Mera focus tha usko bahar nikalna. Aur jab wo aagaya tab reality hit hua. Mai bahut zaya darr gayi thi aur bahut si cheezo se darr gayi thi (I was scared. That was one of the reason I told him to avoid social media. The time Sheezan was in Jail, I could not think of anything else as getting him out was my main focus. When he got bail, reality striked me. I was worried about a lot of things for various reasons).

Talking about why she chose to do Bigg Boss, Falaq stated, “Sheezan toh main tha hi, par mujhse camera face nahi ho raha tha, mai logon aur media se darne lag gayi thi kyuki jo hua tha wo bahut havi ho gaya tha mere pe. Yahi ek reason bhi tha ki maine bigg boss kiya varna maine kabhi nahi socha tha ye show me jaane ka. Kyuki shayad kahi nak kahi sara confidence khatam hogaya tha (I was definitely worried about Sheezan, But I had also forgotten to face the camera. I was even scared of facing people and the media as whatever happened took a toll on me. This was one of the reasons I did Bigg Boss OTT 2 as I had lost confidence).

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