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Hina Khan has been enjoying the success of her recently released projects, ‘Shinda Shinda No Papa’ and ‘NamaCool’. She promoted the series extensively and has received much love from fans. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Hina, along with her co-stars Abhishek Bajaj and Anushka Kaushik, discussed their series and shared insights into their personal lives. 

Hina Khan on relationships in Mumbai

When asked about nostalgic memories from shooting the series, each cast member shared their experiences. Abhishek Bajaj reminisced about his college days in Delhi, saying, “I have always been a friendship kind of a guy. I don’t notice it that much in Mumbai. Here you can find people more in relationships, Delhi is all about friendships.” Hina interrupted to ask if he was from Delhi, and upon confirmation, she added, “In Bombay, no one has time. There isn’t even time to give to relationships. No one has time, Bombay has such a fast life.”

Hina also reflected on her own experiences, saying, “For me, it’s exactly the same. Everyone were attracted to me, and it was the same in college, luckily. I have been lucky enough to get a lot of attention from boys. So, for me, this is nothing new.”

In the interview, Hina Khan shared her journey from television to the web. She mentioned that her work in television has taught her a lot, making her more patient and calmer. She emphasised the impact of her television career, stating, she has learnt a lot from television. And that her work in Television made her more patient and calmer. She also expressed her gratitude for the opportunities and experiences she gained through her TV career.

Overall, the cast’s reflections and Hina’s insights into her transition from TV to web series provided a deeper understanding of their personal and professional journeys, highlighting their growth and experiences in the entertainment industry.

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