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‘Apna Bhidu’ aka Jackie Shroff is one of the the most versatile and veteran actors in Bollywood. The actor has starred in several movies and has never failed to impress his fans and followers. Jackie Shroff is also lovingly called the ‘Bhidu’ by his fans and followers who do not fail to support him for his movies.

Now, we had the chance to speak with Jackie Shroff in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble. During the candid chat, the actor indulged into an emotional conversation with us and shared about the time when he was secluded from Bollywood.

Jackie Shroff talks about being secluded from Bollywood

During the hearty conversation, we discussed with Jackie Shroff how he did not shy away from playing his age on-screen. The conversation delved deeper and Jackie revealed that he was secluded from Bollywood in the earlier days of his career. He also shared how he was not invited to Bollywood parties.

Speaking about the same, Jackie shared, “Mai kaam hi kar raha, bass aur kuch mujhe dikh hi nahi raha tha. Maa ke pair daba, kaam kar aur soja. Mai sochta hi nahi tha. Kyu ki mai jab teen batti me rehta tha tab bhi log bolte the, mujhe party me bhi nahi bulate the. Aaj bhi nahi bulaate par uss waqt bhi nahi bulaate the. Unka dil hai par apun apna chalte raho. Pehle toh bulate hi nahi the, bolte the ‘aree yaar isko kya bula raha hai yaar’.” (I did not see anything else than work, used to do work, and sleep. I used to not think about it. When I used to stay in teen batti, I used to hear a lot from people. They did not even call me for parties, they don’t even call me today.)

Meanwhile on the work front, Jackie Shroff recently starred in Mast Mein Rehne Ka alongside Neena Gupta.

Well, the conversation did not just end here. Further up in the interview, Jackie Shroff also spoke about not being shy from playing his age on-screen.

Watch the full interview here:

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