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Namashi Chakraborty, son of Mithun Chakraborty has pulled up his socks for his upcoming movie Bad Boy. This is the first time people are going to see him in a lead role. And you bet, the audience can’t hold their excitement. Namashi has raised the audience’s expectations with his charming personality and charisma. As the actor waits to receive people’s love in the theaters, he sat for an exclusive interview with us. In the interview Namashi Chakraborty opens up on the pressure of following Mithun Chakraborty’s legacy and much more.

Namashi on pressure of being Mithun’s son…

In the interview the Bad Boy actor opened about several things. He spoke of his preparation for the movie and the pressure of being a son to such a renowned actor. When he was asked about the pressure of being Mithun’s son, he said, “Ever since I was a child I have been known to be his son. It’s like my name comes second, his name comes first. Oh he is Mithun’s son! We, all four siblings, have lived with that privilege and that pressure. But If I live in that pressure then I will never be able to deliver.

Namashi Chakraborty on keeping his work separate…

Further Namashi Chakraborty also talked about how he tries to view his work for what it is. The actor doesn’t attach his work with any other thing. Namashi said, “For me Bad Boy is all about the character, how I portrayed the character, how my performance looks. If I think of my father’s shadow I will never get out of it.”

Lastly, while elaborating more on his experience, the actor further said,“So I genuinely feel that if Bad boy works on the strength of our performance we will be appreciated, but if we fail, the pressure, the comparison everything will hover on each other.” Later, the Bad Boy actor also spoke about his relationship with his co-star Amrin Qureshi. The duo praised each other and talked of how they worked together. Amrin and Namshi also said that most of the time they talked about work and how to improve it.

Watch the full interview here:

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