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Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 17 is one of the most talked-about shows right now. In the latest episode of the reality show, Orhan Awatramani aka Orry entered the house. However, it was later revealed that he wasn’t a wildcard contestant. In the segment of Just Chill with Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, the brothers revealed that his stay was only planned for two days.

After leaving the Bigg Boss house, Orry sat down for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble and got candid about his stint in Bigg Boss 17. During the conversation, Orry spilled the beans on what tasks he would like to give his Bollywood besties Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday, and Ibrahim Ali Khan.

Orry gives interesting tasks to Bollywood besties

Starting with Janhvi, Orry said, “I would make Janhvi the dance instructor for the house because she’s one of the most graceful dancers I know and she knows the steps of Pinga. We put up a reel where we’re dancing to Pinga together. She was teaching me Pinga. So, I would like for her to bear the burden of teaching the entire house Pinga. If doesn’t succeed at making everyone a different version of DP or PeeCee, who I would have taken with me to the house, she would have failed the tasks and we’ve cut her rations. The pressure is on her to make everybody as graceful as she is.”

When asked about Sara Ali Khan, Orry said, “I believe this industry is all about entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment. There’s one thing Sara Ali Khan knows and that’s TRP is TRP and I know she’ll keep everyone laughing and engaged till the end. So, she’ll be the designated the human activator.” Orry, who is also very close to Ibrahim Ali Khan, had an interesting task for him. He said, “Let’s staff him on cleaning duties.”

Ananya Panday is a fun girl,’ says Orry

Furthermore, he called bestie Ananya Panday a ‘fun girl’ and said, “She knows how to have fun. She knows how to keep the conversation alive and I order to make life difficult for her and everyone else, he taks would be to be a fun police. She has to stop everyone else when they are having too much fun or any fun at all. It will be very hair for her. She will fail and will be thrown out. It’ll be a challenge.”

Last but not the least to this list is Khushi Kapoor. Before assigning her a task, Orry revealed they became close when he was in London and she was in Bombay. He called her a ‘good listener’ who was always there for him when he had to talk about anything and everything. He further added, “We will make Khushi the confession box. Everyone has to go the confession’s box to talk to Khushi and she’ll have to sit and listen and they will hear her and she will just be therapy for all these sweet sweet people.”

During the candid conversation, Orry also accused Aishwarya Sharma of stealing his desert and revealed why he would love to take Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra with him on Bigg Boss.

Watch the video below:

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