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YouTuber Armaan Malik is all set to enter Bigg Boss OTT 3 with wives Payal and Kritika, He married Payal Malik in 2011, and they have a son named Chirayu Malik. In 2018, Armaan married Kritika Malik, Payal’s best friend, which led to familial strife. Payal’s family initially separated her from Armaan, but after a year and a half, however, she reconciled and accepted Kritika into their family. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Payal Malik talks about how will she deal with probable fights with kritika and armaan in the house.

Payal Malik on entering Bigg Boss OTT 3 with Armaan and Kritika

During the chat, we asked Pyaal her intention to participate in the show to which she shared, “Mujhe sabko batana hai ki jaise hum humare vlogs mein hai waise hi off-screen hai. Jaise hum ek ghar mein 2 biwiyaan happily rehti hai, jhagadti nahi hai bas yahi dikhana hai. (I want to show everyone that just like our vlogs, we are the same off-screen. Despite living under one roof, we don’t fight and stay happily).”

Talking about how she will deal with probable fights that night happen in the house she says, “Mai jyada aggressive nahi hu. Agar gussa aata hai toh mai khud ko bahut ache se control karleti hu. Mai khud ko, armaan ko aur kritika ko ache se control karna janti hoon. (I am not much aggressive and I can control my anger. I can even control Armaan and Kritika well).”

She also addresses the negativity that happens around their equation and said, “Mere hisaab se hum 3-4 years se YouTube pe hai. Starting ke 1 year hume bohot negativity mili. Par ab log hume pyaar karte hai. (Initially there was a lot of hatred, but people love us now).”

She added, “Jo problem thi wo khatam hogayi aur ab hum mil julkar rehte hai. Na mujhe kritika se koi problem hai na usko mere se hai. Na humein is relationship se koi problem hai. (We had problems which has ended now. I don’t hold any grudges against Kritika neither she does. We don’t have any problem with this relationship either).”

Payal Malik on ex Bigg Boss contestants

The influencer also agrees that Elvish Yadav, Abhishek Malhan and Anurag Dobhal have represented the vloggers community nicely. She avers, “Main bilkul manti hu ki elvish, abhishek aur anurag ne bahut ache se represent kiya YouTubers ko. Aur hum bhi chahengi ki aage hum bhi YouTubers ko aur ache se present kar sake.”

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