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Actor Shah Rukh Khan starrer Main Hoon Na was one of the biggest blockbusters back in 2004. Each and every character in the movie has a different fanbase but most importantly it was Satish Shah that became the best character in the film. But did you know that it wasn’t an easy task to play Professor Rasai in Main Hoon Na? During a fun chat with Bollywood Bubble, Satish Shah revealed that it was Shah Rukh Khan who convinced him to take up the professor role instead of the principal.

Satish Shah on bagging Main Hoon Na:

While talking about the Main Hoon Na days, Satish Shah revealed that he had to do 8 retakes because Shah Rukh Khan couldn’t stop laughing during the shoot. “Let me tell you, I had to practise a lot, it was not trick photography. I was given a choice and Shah Rukh is a very smart guy. They said we have two roles, one is of Principal and the second one is of Professor Rasai. When I asked about the latter, they said ‘every time he speaks, he spits, he celebrates so much that you know it comes out enough in the form of espresso,‘” Satish Shah told us.

But I didn’t like it and told them I’ll do the principal’s role which eventually Boman (Irani) did. Shah Rukh then said, ‘Satish bhai aise role toh aapne kayi baar kiya hai aur koi bhi kar sakta hai (Satish, such kind of roles were done by you several times) I think you should this role because we can’t think of anybody else doing it.’ Wo aur Farah dono ne mujhe channe ke jhaad mein chadha diya (Both Shah Rukh and Farah oversold me) That’s how I ended up doing that role but it was not easy because maine socha ki ye kaise kiya jaaye. (because I thought how to do this role)”, Satish further continued.

Satish on shooting the spitting scene:

The Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai actor said, “I used to take in a gulp of water and keep it around my mouth and then certain words and certain syllables I used to accentuate in such a way that it sprays. Aur wo main itna mehnat se karta tha ki Shah Rukh badme hass deta tha toh retake ho jata tha. Aise 8 retakes ek baar huye wo classroom me. Main fir bhadak gaya, maine kaha ki main iske baad nahi karunga and everyone is laughing, they are falling off the chair and I think it is there in one of the YouTube videos. Then I gave another shot and waha pe bhi usne hass diya tha so they had to insert Zayed Khan’s scene kyuki waha bhi usne hass diya tha. It was very difficult to keep a straight face and do these things but hota hai aisa sab.”

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