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Actor Sudhaa Chandran is one of the prolific actors both in Television and Bollywood. She is often seen playing negative roles in TV shows. She is popularly known for her roles in Naagin (2015), Prratima (2004) and Kaahin Kissii Roz (2001). But there was a point in her life when she had no work for 7 years. Talking about the same in Bollywood Bubble, Sudhaa Chandran revealed how people thought she was not meant for the industry. However, she took it as a challenge.

Sudhaa Chandran on facing unemployment

The Naagin actor exclusively told us, “I had no choice I mean I did have a choice because I wanted to do the IS for the IFS but when you come into an industry and I’m a person who cannot take failures lying low when somebody says well you’re not cut in for this industry and this is not an industry meant for you, this hurts you and that is the biggest challenging point for me when somebody pokes me saying that you can never do it. I would walk that extra mile to make sure that I do it by hook or crook.

Sudhaa says she was disappointed with her biopic not being recognised

Not many know but Sudhaa did a biopic titled Naache Mayuri which is based on her life. Interestingly, she herself played her role in the movie. This movie was dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam. However, it didn’t get recognition. Expressing her disappointment on the same, Sudhaa mentioned, “That’s the first biopic which is never mentioned in the press. Unfortunately, it’s very sad because that was the first
biopic which was made where I played my own role. It has never happened to date

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Sudhaa Chandran is working on the Colors TV show Doree.

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