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Surbhi Chandna is all set to get married to her long-term boyfriend Karan Sharma. The grand wedding will take place in Jaipur on March 1 and 2. Ahead of the festivities, the actress is promoting her upcoming web show Rakshak India’s Braves: Chapter 2 alongside Barun Sobti. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the actress confessed she is not interested in getting married.

Surbhi Chandna admits she is not interested in getting married

When we asked Surbhi about her excitement for the big day, she remarked, “Can I be very honest? I have a very sweet partner who’s been around even when I was not even an actor. He’s been with me and I feel that he understands that I’m not interested in getting married but I’m doing this wedding because he is the only son for his parents. If I have the power, I would do a court marriage.”

Barun then interrupts and asks her if she means that she doesn’t want to have a lavish wedding. Surbhi then agreed with him and continued, “That’s why I kept it very intimate. Yes, there’s no such thing as an ‘intimate wedding’ in Punjabi but I’m doing a very short two-day affair. For me, work comes first and he understands that. I have told the makers that I’ll come to every promotion, function, parties amidst the wedding. I’m very brutally honest about this that for me work comes first and he totally understands that. Plus, we have been together for 13 years which is practically being married. It’s just that we’re doing a ceremony for namesake and that’s about it. I’m excited about it, I hope so because it has not kicked in yet. I think it will kick in once I see myself in mangalsutra and sindoor and be like ‘Oh my god, I’m married.”

During the interview, the actress also spoke about getting stereotyped for being a TV actor and revealed she didn’t want to play a mother on-screen but had to do it. Watch the full interview here:

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